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Your loved one’s birthday is fast approaching. How would you like to celebrate it?
Do you want to impress them? Do you want to surprise your guests?

Have you ever been stressed over an anniversary because you didn’t know what you should give as a gift?

Have you experienced the pressure of finding a surprising and impressive gift for your wedding anniversary, mothers’ day, or housewarming, and do you worry about whether your recipient will like that gift? We understand.

What would be the gift which could really please your loved one in those situations? We think the perfect gift for your loved ones in all these situations is expressing your feelings for them, and spending precious time together.

So, how about a custom cake which encapsulates these feelings? Imagine their reaction when you give it to them. Imagine the scene where you are eating it together with all your lovely people.

We believe cakes have great power. This is because cakes always bring happiness and smiles to all people.

Our mission is to deliver happiness to people by making every occasion unforgettable. 


We believe our cakes are “message cards.” Every single one of our cakes shows our customer’s feelings. ”Decorate the cake with this, because she loves this”, “Put these words on the cake”, each customer’s request represent customer’s feeling to their loved one. 


Our cakes cost a little more than non-custom cakes. This is because all our cakes are tailor-made and our artisans carefully make them one by one. So making a cake with a simple design requires around 4 hours, and sometimes complicated design cake take 10 hours to finish, even for our very experienced artisans.


We think of our artisans as artists rather than patissiers as the creations of  artists impress people, and art has the ability to convey someone’s feelings.


We would like to deliver these precious and impressive moments to more people. We would like to create the world where everyone feels happy, and eats delicious cake together with their family and friends.


Who would you like to deliver your feelings?


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